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What is this site about, you might ask. Well, that's simple to explain. More and more radio amateurs leave Packet Radio, my favorite mode of transmission, because they find much more performance, interesting things and so on in the Wide World Web than on our old fashioned packet radio with 1200 baud! So why not joining both amateur radio and internet, e.g. for connecting the local packet radio users through a gateway in Europe, America or Australia or for posting and receiving messages. It's the only way to keep packet radio alive in my opinion!

Or what about working tcp/ip via ax25 with such a great variety of experiments you can try like http, ftp, smtp and so on... I recommend this kind of Packet Radio.

Please note: These pages are completely reserved for licensed Radio Amateur Operators and show the gateways which are accessible by telnet connects. Your browser must be configured to launch a telnet application to use the telnet URLs. Also note that access restrictions may apply to many of the gateways and these privileges are administered by the sysops themselves. Therefore, if a gateway requires a password or other form of user authentication, please e-mail the sysop of the system you're telneting for permission to use the system.

The final poll results

Due to the very massive decline of packet radio in the last years a lot of gateways, digis, mailboxes, etc. have been put out of operation forever.

Survey Result
Packet radio is no longer up-to-date. Any work with this mode of operation is simply waste of time.

Packet radio will have completely disappeared in a couple of years. It is not worth in the long run to invest time and money for this.  10%
Some enthusiasts of packet radio will keep alive this mode of operation. We should work together to not let it die.  81%
1130 votes until now.