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Here you get pages with TELNET and HYPER links to all Internet Gateways in a graphic manner. Graphic data in the form of world maps are generally more interesting in the representation and display a certain association of the searched contents with the geographical locality, so as if one would travel there. The following pages require JavaScript to be enabled in your browser for the representation of the references, map tools and the navigation! Click on the world map in order to continue.
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Cemetery of
dead gateways
May they rest in peace!

My website only shows Gateways which are accessible by telnet-connections via Internet and/or AMPR Net via packet radio or by virtual private network access (I got one to DB0RES, thanks DD9QP!).

At present only a few gateways are still operational. The inactive gateways are marked in the map "cemetery" by this indication !

I still need much more information and hope for your assistance. Who has any detailed information about a GW, please use the link to my database. I would be pleased about any participation.